If you're new to MMS Manage, once you've logged in you'll need to create a Company Account. The process is pretty straightforward and we'll give you a free trial period so you can get everything setup.

  1. Login to MMS Manage (See HERE, if you haven't done this already)
  2. Click  to open the new account box
  3. You'll then be asked to enter the Company Name and select Monthly or Annual Billing. You'll save money by paying annually and can change this later if you require.
  4. You'll then be taken through our secure checkout to complete the account creation. You'll be asked to enter a quantity (number of vessels). You can change this at any time so to avoid unnecessary expense we recommend starting with one, then increasing the subscription as you deploy to each vessel.
  5. Once you've completed the checkout your fresh new account will be created and you can get started.

Not sure what to do next? We recommend starting by going to settings and creating a document template. We're always happy to help if you get stuck with this, just drop us a message.