At the heart of your SMS you will have a set of templates that you use to create documents. These might be Policies, Procedures, Forms, etc. Before you start loading all your documents into MMS Manage you'll need to create these templates. Luckily we make it quick and easy to do so!

Note: Admin rights required.

  1. Click on the Cog Wheel , then  and finally select "Templates" from the sidebar menu.
  2. You can then click "Create New" to start creating your template. Or, click "Edit" on the template you wish to change.
  3. This will take you to the Template Builder. The options are designed to be easy to understand, as you complete each section, click "Next" to move on.
  4. If you need to go back you can click on the section header to revisit that section.

Template Details - In this section you define the name, type and details of the template. This will define how it appears in menus and lists. You can also choose which features to enable, such as Attachments, Table of Contents and Printing.

Data Fields - This section allows you to add specific types of data, like Date Fields, Selection Boxes, Lat/Long Positions, etc. They can be required or optional and you can add choose to include them in your field library to reuse in other templates. We always add an Author, Revision Date and Revision Number automatically. You can click and drag the data fields to reorder them.

Content Areas - Each content area provides an work processing area to your document. This is where the bulk of of documents like procedures and policies will go. Common examples have headings like "Responsibilities", "Definitions", "Policy", etc. You can click and drag the content areas to reorder them.

What next? Try setting up printing options so vessels can print uncontrolled copies when required. We can automatically add QR Codes so they can quickly check if the document is current.